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Separation or divorce does not have to be contentious and necessarily proceed through the court process. By the same token, an amicable resolution does not imply surrendering your rights.  Our team of lawyers is skilled in leading our clients to an amicable resolution and being champions for our clients’ rights in the process.

A variety of tools are used by our team to support them in working to an amicable resolution. Your matter can be resolved either through a number of dispute resolution techniques including counsel negotiations, collaborative law, mediation, or arbitration.  Our lawyers are skilled representatives who have settled many cases solely through negotiations. However, when the intricacy of a case does call for more formal methods, our lawyers have the experience to represent our clients at both mediations and arbitrations.

Not every Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method is suitable in every case. Which alternative dispute resolution fits your needs would depend on factors such as how you dealt with conflict during the marriage, the power dynamic between you and your spouse, and to what extent you can cooperate with your partner. While the aim of ADR is always to reach an amicable resolution, it is vital to use the right path to make sure your interests are secure. You can depend on us to guide you through the process with information, expertise, and poise.

In our opening consultation, you will sit down with one of our lawyers to go over your case and your goals. Together, we will work out a strategy and decide on the optimal manner to settling your case in a friendly fashion. We will carefully assess your personal circumstances to ensure that you select the dispute resolution method that fits your needs and will bring your matter to a resolution in the most expeditious manner. Regardless at what stage you are at in your matter and whether you are already in the court system, when you leave the initial meeting you will know exactly what your position is and what options you have and feel assured that our team has the knowledge and the expertise to reach the outcomes you are seeking.

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