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Child Custody and Access LAWYERS IN TORONTO, CANADA

Undergoing a child custody dispute is difficult and can be very stressful. Circumstances might intensify quickly and with little notice. Though our child custody lawyers solely practice family law in Toronto, Ontario, child custody is a distinct area of emphasis at of our firm. Such disputes necessitate outstanding examination and direction from our legal team to guarantee that potential roadblocks are dealt with and that required action is taken quickly. Our legal team has a reputation of giving outstanding direction, being available to clients and attaining desired outcomes when it comes to the child support matters.

Achieving the desired outcome in a child custody case is always an intricate balance of resolve, planning and execution. There is truly not a viable replacement for experience and expertise with regards to picking right lawyers to manage your child custody matters. Our insight, aptitude, experience and enthusiasm allow us to stand out from the rest. Call to go over your case with one of our child custody lawyers and see firsthand how our firm can help you.

Child Custody and Access in Canada

When a couple separates or divorces, it is critical to arrange for the care of the children. A family lawyer can help you work out parenting arrangements, including who will be accountable for making significant decisions about the children and where they will live. Of course, this is not easy for both the parents and children. A child may have a completely new change in lifestyle, residence, school, and even home, causing a toll on his or her emotional wellbeing.

The Plan

It is important to be guided by a custody plan in which all factors are taken into consideration. Theoretically, the court must investigate into all the points presented by both the parents before making their own list that suits the children’s interests best. Some of the aspects our child custody lawyers Toronto include in a custody plan are:

• Domestic stability on the parts of both the parents
• The spouses’ willingness to cooperate in the bonding between the children and the other partner
• Availability, sense of responsibility and financial ability to care for the children
• Relation between the child(ren) and siblings (including half-siblings)
• What the children want

Joint Custody

Most people confuse joint custody as an arrangement in which the children get to live with both the parents. Our child custody lawyers Toronto explain that it is about the rights of the parents to make decision for their children on a mutual consensus.

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