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Child support cases are typically clear cut when tended to accurately, effectively, and quickly. However, if not pursued immediately handled improperly, these clear cut cases can develop a number of complex and potentially expensive issues. As well, this can lead to more acrimony, disputes, and additional legal costs.

Basic Child support payments can encompass the costs of general needs of the child or children, such as food, clothes, shelter and some medical expenses. Special or extraordinary expenses cover expenses that are beyond the basic payments and can include extra-curricular activities for the child or children (e.g. fitness or music lessons),  child care, and dental coverage. It is important to note that child support maybe payable to children who are over the age majority.

There are a number of factors that influence how much child support is payable to your children such as parenting arrangements, child contributions, spouses who are refusing to work to their full potential, very high incomes, and under-reported income. These issues and others that might emerge should be tended to effectively and successfully.

Our Toronto’s based legal team practices solely in the field of family law and child support related cases and can assertively lead you through the legal issues encompassing child support and custody. Our Toronto based lawyers have a reputation of solving child support issues successfully, efficiently, and with minimal costs.

When there is an agreement or a court order that provides that a child is entitled to support, and a parent does not honour her/his responsibility to pay such support, the agreement or court order may be enforced by the Family Responsibility Office.

Child support obligations are not limited to the biological or adoptive parents. In certain circumstances, parents who are standing in place of a parent such as step parent may also be required to contribute to the financial well-being of a child.

It is important to act quickly in child support issues so that the circumstances don’t become facts on the ground. In the event that you are facing child support issues, please come and talk with us. One of our Toronto’s best child support lawyers will meet with you, analyze your case, discuss potential approaches and work with you to cultivate the best strategy. The initial step to solving child support issues for your file starts with meeting our child support lawyers and developing a clear game-plan.

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