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What life has in its turns and twists cannot be calculated in advance. Between the impossibility of fathoming the future and trying to be proactive, you can at least have the right contacts in your notebook so that you know who to dial when the need emerges.

In matters of law, things get serious quickly, and even before one can ask a friend for a recommendation, the conclusion is written out. If you do not wish to be in this situation, then note our number now. Tsinman Law, a premier law firm of family lawyers in Toronto has a plausible solution to your specific legal issues. Divorce, family disputes, child custody or any other family related issue, we have qualified members of legal professionals to consult and represent you.

Teaching students for the Ontario Bar examinations and NCA accreditation

In addition to their busy schedules, our family lawyers are committed to investing in the future of the family law profession by teaching and preparing candidates for their NCA and Ontario Barrister examinations. Our family lawyers provide personal wisdom, skills and expertise that cannot be found through online research. We believe in direct, constructive feedback as our students strategize and prepare for the next step after law school – becoming a licensed lawyer.