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Separation agreements permit spouses to manage property division, child custody and access, child support and spousal support matters upon separation. In cases where children are involved, the separation agreement will also include a parenting plan that will be customized to your children’s current and future needs.  The advantages of an optimally drafted separation agreement are various. It gives steadiness, consistency and adaptability.

Though it may sound pretty simple, there are some very important issues that need to be taken care of prior to applying for one. The aspects that our divorce/separation lawyers in Toronto put in the place while preparing an agreement are:
• Personal information
• Custody of child(ren) (if any) and their access
• Dates of importance
• Debts and loans (if any)
• Spousal support
• Division of property
• Equalization of assets
• RRSP, Life Insurances, bonds, pensions, etc.

The divorce lawyer Toronto ensures they produce concrete data pertaining to all the mentioned categories at the time of drafting the agreement. Though our separation lawyer in Toronto will manage the forms and details wholly, you will need to share the information with them throughout the process.

Court Recognition of the Agreement

The validity of the agreement is conditional. The court may dismiss the paper if they find inadequacy in disclosure to the other partner. This is why our separation lawyers in Toronto attaches utmost stress on transparency between the spouses in such matters.

We understand when it comes to a litigation, the grounds are always shaky.

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